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Dear Parents and Campers,

I’d like to introduce our new Lacrosse and Leadership Camp for Boys to you. I have designed this camp to address a void in the growing lacrosse community. While players are spending time playing for sometimes multiple teams, there appears to be a lack of leadership and team building development. We have found the perfect facility for this camp—the Duquette Sports Academy. This locale offers us the best of both worlds—a top-notch training environment with several athletic fields, along with a traditional camp setting that comes complete with cabins, a dining hall, a lake, and camp fire area.

At camp, we will help campers learn about being part of something – a team or cause – bigger than themselves. The camp will combine outstanding lacrosse instruction with off-field camp activities designed to promote teamwork and teach leadership skills. At the end of camp, we want all campers to not only be better lacrosse players, but also recognize how as leaders they can be more valuable to their team, their school, and their community.

On behalf of our staff, I look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with you this summer.

Best regards,

Jeff Tambroni, Director
Head Coach, Penn State University

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Improvement and Fun

Lacrosse and Leadership Campers will leave camp with better individual lacrosse skills – from stick skills to shooting to defending. Campers will also develop a greater understanding of teamwork, what being part of a team means, and how to be an effective leader and what they can do to help make their team better—all while having fun! The Lacrosse and Leadership camps was designed to give young athletes the opportunity to work hard and improve in a fun, positive atmosphere—we guarantee it!

What Our Players Have to Say:

  • This was the most meaningful camp I have ever attended. The staff showed me how I can realize my leadership potential and the impact that I can have not only on my lacrosse team, but also in my community

    - John C. - Camper
  • My son came home from this camp with a much better view of how he can help his team without scoring goals. He now knows he can lead by example since he has always been a fairly shy kid.

    - William B. - Parent
  • I love how the staff made the kids a little uncomfortable and forced them to think about challenging situations and how to have the confidence in themselves to do the right thing, even if it isn’t popular

    - Michelle R. - Parent